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Colour whitish, suture and First spiral yellowish. La publication des articles de maximum 12 pages imprimées en double interligne est gratuite. This species is characterised by its relatively tall spire, moderately expanded varices, with short straight spines at the shoLilder, single sharp intervarical node, and very weak spiral sculpture. Clone or download and unzip.. You ‘re loving falling your Twitter carefull. They must be adequately mounted with not any other text than the numbering. TW; number of teleoconeh whorls.

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The Tropical West African species are now classified in other généra. Bollettino Malaeologieo, 29 1 References, in alphabetic order, should be given in the following form titles of journals should not be abbreviated: Cautaure Formation, Burdigaliau, late early Mioceue. We hâve compared the Cantaure material with numerous specimens of L. Elena, West Colombia, based on material in the Cuming collection Reeve,

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Teleoconch eonical of 5 whorls with reticulate sculpture of2 spiral cords first stronger and, in last whorl, divided by furrow crossed by narrower axial ribs about 14 on last whorl. Anal wiindows broad, shallow; siphonal canal incomplète, but long. Filetto RA – ivanperugia virgilio.


skynet r32 1.22 windows

Suture very poorly visible, not canaliculate. The superfamily Triphoroidea Gray, is actually divided into three families: What the philosophy ofbiology is: A medium sized Siratus species, with a relatively elongated shell, a narrowly canaliculated suture, three varices per whorl bearing short, stout spines placed mid-whorl, with three intervarical axial ridges on early whorls, four with prominent tubercles mid-whorl on last Wi 122.

skynet r32 1.22 windows

A new Charopidae from Chile and Argentine, Stephacharopa calderaensis n. In this genus the tube is usually placed doser to the succeeding than the preceding varix, although in Laevityphis jitngi nov. Other shells with similar colour are Horologica mariani, H. Limpus AustralieW.

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Shells measurements in mm for types TW and H estimated for paratype 2. A printed version of the plates must be imperatively sent together with the manuscript. Latirus Plicatella philberti Récluz: Third whorl fiat with P3 much stronger with Sharp beads, producing keel; PI weaker than P3, but stronger than P2; S2 appearing, very thin; P4 rr32 visible, almost completely hidden by succeeding whorl; axial ribs still strong, distance between similar in size to width of ribs.

Siphonal canal below akynet missing. Shell medium in size, nearly cylindrical with slightly constricted base.

skynet r32 1.22 windows

Kantor Smynet, whcre turrids and w’iielks converge: French Polynesia, Marquesas Is.: The commenta will be communicated to authors, who will consider them. A partir de 14h, à notre local habituel: We examined 93 specimens of L. Thus, uncertainty about New World records of Latirus philberti continues. Aperture subquadrate, with narrow posterior sinus; outer lip strongly angled at junctions with peripheral and undulant cords, lip edge windwos straight between angles, edge crenulated by termini of smaller cords and interspaces of body whorl, with deeper, wider sinuses at angles; inside of outer lip with as many as 20 thin, straight, uninterrupted emergent lirae that terminate before lip edge; inner lip straight and adhèrent anteriorly, arcuate and sometimes detached posteriorly on larger shells, with low skyet on pariétal wall at posterior sinus and 1 or 2 low, oblique, nearly obsolète plicae near anterior end of columella; siphonal canal rather long, narrow, with straight edges, elevated inner syknet adjacent to prominent elongate pseudo-umbilicus.


From the type locality, Ha’apai islands, one of the three islands groups of Tonga archipelago.

Marc Alexandre, rue de la Libération, 45, Souvret ou en versant 61 euros par Paypal contacter roland. Aperture small, ovate, bordered by raised rim; labral varix constant in width, moderately skynwt, consisting of inner band bearing spiral cords and outer flange with a scalloped edge formed by spines at termination of P2-P6.

D’abord par son iconographie, présentant les divers organismes du plancton dans leur milieu: Papers describing new species subspecies will be accepted only if the primary types are deposited windwos a recognized public Muséum or scientific Institution.